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This is  music published in chronological order with some additional informations


December 2018 she released the album "Backstage" with the Italian way music label "in December 2018, an album of jazz standards arranged and played by Maestro Mario Gagliardi (piano and soprano sax).


In May 2019 the first landmark song was released

her debut as a singer-songwriter; it is an unusual and very sweet triplet "Coi capelli in su", the first unpublished song written together with Federico Spagnoli (already author of Mina and Celentano).

The first sentence "she dreamed of dancing...with her hair up" comes from the observation of her daughter, still a teenager, while she dances alone in the room; the song is about a pure love, from times gone by, as young love can still be.


A few months later, in December 2019 the

second single written entirely by her (masterfully arranged by F.Spagnoli) "Scusa se sono qui". The song is a memory of the author of a particular moment in her life; the text is a liberating confession which, although difficult, it sows the seeds of a possible further rebirth of a relationship that has now come to an end. It is dedicated to all those slightly "shy" people so that they find the courage to engage in dialogue in an open and constructive way.


In April 2020, "AK" was released, a 5-song album born from a project in collaboration with Jerry Kay, DJ and arranger and profound connoisseur of electronic music. The fusion between the two worlds (dance on one side and jazz on the other) has allowed the creation of an unusual sound... halfway between the dreamlike and the surreal.


Curiosity; many of the songs on this album were born in my dreams... literally...

At dawn I often find myself having to quickly write the melodies which I will then develop in the following days. Jerry kay grasped this aspect and managed to recreate that "suspended" dimension that I desired.




In July 2020 "VECCHIO MATTO" was released thanks to

ItalianWaymusic. It is a cheerful and danceable song, a reggae with jazz blues nuances that entertains but contains a little melancholic lyrics. It comes from a memory of  childhood of a somewhat grumpy and elderly Sicilian gentleman who cultivated a small illegal vegetable garden among the buildings of a gray Sesto San Giovanni of the late 70s. He was a way to feel his land still close... you could see the melancholy in his eyes as he passed the vegetables to us through the holes in the fence.

Curiosity: my daughter, listening to the story on the street, improvises a small verse which will then be the inspiration for the entire song. The little voice at the beginning is his and it is the original stolen on the street.

In the same year the collaboration with Mediterranean Records and releases the first experimental song in MDR style.

The text tells of a love that has now come to an end; the hope that the relationship will recover is reduced to a minimum and they even rely on lies to avoid dying.



2022 - "Come dentro un film"

The song is a denunciation of family violence.. Through the eyes of a child one experiences the innocent and helpless feelings of those who see a loved one suffer mistreatment.. There is no possibility of defending oneself from those very people who should actually love and protect.. An ever current and terrible drama against which the words of the song fight thanks to the possibility of forgiveness and acceptance of the child who has become an adult.


November 2022 - single "Cio' che lasci di te" ; the collaboration with Mediterranean Records returns thanks to this song, lyrics by Sabrina Asiani and music by Antonio Chimienti. It is a highly autobiographical song: it is not the success that is important but the journey that brings us to know ourselves and leave our memory to others through music and our actions.


 June 2023 the EP – LAZY DAYS (Sabrina Asiani – Claudio Fontana) was released.

This work represents the creative collaboration of two artists, who have joined forces to passionately create a production of jazz songs. The new EP is a collection of five original songs, written by Sabrina Asiani, singer, SongWriter and by Claudio Fontana, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Each song tells a particular story, an emotional journey that transports the listener into a sound world of great intensity. The songs are interpreted by the singer's expressive and engaging voice, which with its emotional depth captures the essence of the words and melodies. The pianist-composer's instrumental performance is equally evocative, with his accents and virtuosity underlining the power of the lyrics. The entire EP was created with great attention to detail, mixing and sound, using acoustic and also sampled instruments, rich in nuanced tones that give the work depth and beauty deriving from attention to sound and accurate recordings. The result it is a work in which the voice and instruments come together in effective cohesion, creating a meaningful musical experience. In summary, this new jazz EP by Sabrina Asiani and Claudio Fontana is a tribute to the love of music. Thanks to their open artistic vision and their intense collaboration, these two talents.


December 2023 - single Magic Winterland.

"Magic Winterland" is the result of a collaboration between Sabrina Asiani (lyrics)and Claudio Fontana (music), a Christmas song that  captures the enchantment and magic of the winter holidays. The song composed by the two musicians creates an engaging atmosphere that captures the spirit and magic of Christmas.


February 2024 - single My ticket for you.

'My Ticket for You' is a nice R&B soul song that explores the universal theme of love, even when it's unrequited. The lyrics by Sabrina Asiani express the beauty of the feeling even in the case of non-reciprocity, while the music by C.Fontana and F. Lanotte conveys a message of openness and acceptance. It's a song that will touch your heart and soul.

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